The REA Foundation doubles earmarked funds for physical rehabilitation patients

More than 100 people have already turned to the Assistance Fund this year

Today, the REA Foundation ddoubled the budget envelope for its Beneficiaries Assistance Fund (formerly, the Bridging Fund)—increasing it from $10,000 to $20,000—to respond to ever growing needs.

The Fund contributes directly to the autonomy and social reintegration of physical rehabilitation patients following an accident, illness, stroke, etc. Eligible recipients can also receive annual financial support of up to $100 (or more, in exceptional circumstances) for purchases or costs not covered by other programs.

Since April 2021, the number of requests has increased by 230%, prompting the REA Foundation to allocate more financial resources to the Fund. Up until March 2020, the Fund had relied on money raised at the Foundation’s gift shop, which closed at the beginning of the pandemic. To make up for this revenue loss, and until things return to normal, the Fund is being financed by the Foundation’s general fundraising activities.

Concrete needs, direct assistance

This year, more than 130 people have already turned to the Fund for various needs: purchases (orthopaedic shoes, cochlear implant antenna, food supplements, walkers, children’s car seats), membership in an adapted fitness centre, etc. The Foundation also financed the purchase of educational toys for disadvantaged children in collaboration with the Institut Raymond-Dewar.

“With the current health crisis, it’s more important than ever to support people who are vulnerable,” says Valérie Duchesne-Carle, Executive Director of the REA Foundation. “The donations we receive provide direct, concrete and immediate assistance to people in need, but who make tremendous efforts to achieve a better quality of life. The generosity of donors makes a real difference for hundreds of Quebecers each year.”