REA Scholarship Program

Program goal

With the goal of actively contributing to the social integration of people living with disabilities, the REA Foundation and its partners established a scholarship program for students or people who would like to return to school who are living with a physical, language or motor impairment. This program is possible thanks to the financial support of the Fondation Groupe Forget , the Fondation Jodoin Mamode as well as the Groupe Financier Industrielle Alliance committed to contributing to access to education for people with disabilities.

Did you know that?

  • 15.8% of people with disabilities hold a college degree (compared with 18.2% of people without a disability)
  • 18.2 % of people with disabilities hold a university degree (compared with 25% of people without a disability)
  • 54.7% of people with disabilities between the ages of 15 and 64 are employed compared with 75.3 % of people without a disability (source: OPHQ).

Eligible programs of study

The following study programs leading to a diploma are eligible, whether classes are held on campus or remotely :


  • Vocational, DVS
  • College, ACS and DCS
  • University, undergraduate certificate and bachelor’s degree
  • University, specialized graduate diploma and master’s degree

Scholarships offered

The scholarship program relies on the generosity of the Fondation Groupe Forget, the Fondation Jodoin Mamode and the Industrial Alliance Financial Group, which support this initiative with the REA Foundation.

Specificities for one of the four grants – Groupe Forget Foundation Grant

One of the scholarship is reserved for an applicant with a hearing impairment. The recipient of the Fondation Groupe Forget Scholarship can also receive assistance to obtain the latest in hearing aids or assistive hearing devices to help with better school integration

Follow-up and review of applications

Upon receipt of an application, the REA Foundation promptly sends a confirmation of receipt to the applicant. Then, according to an established schedule, the Selection Committee meets to review all of the eligible scholarship applications. The decisions are communicated electronically after this meeting.

Depending on the nature of your program, there are certain expenses in your budget that may be eligible and considered in the awarding of a scholarship, including:

  • Books and textbooks;
  • Mandatory program clothing;
  • Additional fees/accessories from the institution;
  • Housing;
  • Groceries;
  • Recurring expenses (electricity, internet, etc.).

Selection Committee

The Selection Committee of the REA Scholarship Program is comprised of:

  • The Executive Director of the REA Foundation
  • Representatives of the main funders
  • Member(s) of the Board of Directors of the REA Foundation.



Scholarships are used to provide financial support to students with sensory, language or motor disabilities for the purchase of books and textbooks, clothing required by the program, additional or incidental school fees, accommodation, groceries or recurring expenses (electricity, internet, etc).