Press release – REA launches its Scholarship Program for students with disabilities


REA launches its Scholarship Program
for students
with disabilities

Montreal, April 4, 2022 – With the goal of actively contributing to the social integration of people with disabilities, the REA Foundation and its partners are proud to launch the second edition of the Scholarship Program for students with disabilities. The program is made possible through the financial support of the J.A. DeSève Foundation, the Fondation Groupe Forget, the Fondation Jodoin Mamode and the Industrial Alliance Financial Group to help people with disabilities access education.


Scholarships offered

For 2022-2023, the REA Foundation will award eight scholarships, including seven $3,000 scholarships and one $1,500 scholarship. A total of $22,500 will be given to students to enable them to pursue their studies.


Did you know that?

  • 11% of people with disabilities have a college diploma (compared with 17% of people without a disability)
  • 14% of people with disabilities have a university degree (compared with 24% of people without a disability)
  • Four out of 10 people with disabilities, between the ages of 15 and 64, are employed (compared with seven out of 10 people without a disability) (Source: OPHQ)


Eligible study programs

The following study programs leading to a diploma are eligible, whether classes are held on campus or remotely :

  • Vocational studies (DVS)
  • College studies (ACS – DEC);
  • Undergraduate studies (certificate or bachelor’s degree);
  • Graduate studies (specialized graduate diploma and master’s degree).

Particular feature of one of the eight scholarships – Fondation Groupe Forget Scholarship

This scholarship is reserved for a student with a hearing impairment. The recipient of the Fondation Groupe Forget Scholarship can also receive financial assistance to acquire the latest in hearing aids or assistive listening devices for better school integration.


The scholarships are designed to lend financial support to students with a sensory, language or motor impairment for the purchase of textbooks, additional fees or costs, housing, groceries or recurring expenses (electricity, Internet, etc.).

Candidates have until May 15, 2022, to submit their application (via the online form or[email protected]).

Download the scholarship program (in French only).

Download the request form (in French only).


About the REA Foundation

The REA Foundation’s mission is to mobilize the community and support the Institut universitaire sur la réadaptation en déficience physique de Montréal in its mission to achieve excellence and innovation in offering people with disabilities some of the best physical rehabilitation services in the world—today and in the future.

WRITTEN on APRIL 4, 2022