And what if you made the most important donation of your life…
Make a donation for the future of rehabilitation

Offering a testamentary donation to the REA Foundation is a way of immortalizing your values and accomplishments. A testamentary donation has a number of advantages. First, while you are alive, you maintain complete control over your donation. And testamentary donations are eligible for tax credits and can considerably reduce estate taxes.

By carefully preparing your will, you can see to the well-being of your loved ones, and contribute to physical rehabilitation in the future.

Do you wish to give while you are still alive?

It is common for donors to make donations while they are still alive so that they can see the impact of their donation, and then to pursue their philanthropy in their will. One form of giving does not prevent the other. Whether you are making a regular, monthly or major donation, or a gift of securities, it is possible to combine different forms of donations at different times of your life.

Your lawyer or an estate planning specialist can give you additional information about testamentary donations. 

Planned giving, legacies, how to make sense of it all? 

Perhaps you have already heard of planned giving. It’s a term that refers to donations that come out of a will. You might be under the impression that this kind of donation requires lengthy and costly preparation. Quite to the contrary. All you have to do is mention it in your will or a codicil (a minor change to your will that does not require completely redoing it) with the help of your notary (if your will is notarized).

Legacies or bequests simply refer to making a donation that is stipulated in your will.

Other forms of planned giving?

There are many forms of planned giving, including donating your life-insurance policy or a charitable annuity, for example. However, a testamentary donation is the simplest and most popular form (85-90% of planned giving) and is accessible to everyone.

Tools and forms

– Brochure on testamentary donations (electronic version)
– Examples of provisions that can be included in your will
– Examples of codicils (if you have an existing will)
– Request form for a printed kit
– Notification Form of Inclusion of the REA Foundation In Your Will

Would you like more information?

Write to us or give us a call and we will mail you our Testamentary Donation Information Kit. This does not bind you in any way and we will fully respect your last wishes.

Are we already in your will?

Please let us know so that we can thank you for your remarkable gesture in support of physical rehabilitation. Note that you are not obligated to inform us if you do not wish to.