Sylvie Quesnel

Regaining what I thought I’d lost

After a traumatic event that left me completely deaf, I was able to recover my hearing thanks to the specialists at the IRD and their constant presence. With their help, I regained a quality of life that I thought I’d lost forever. This is the story of how hope became a happy reality.

On June 10, 2019, on my way to a professional conference, I lost the hearing in my left ear as the plane was taking off. Since I already had no hearing at all in my right ear, I suddenly became completely deaf with major tinnitus and dizziness. Two weeks later, I recovered some of my hearing, but not enough to be functional at work.

The previous year, I’d had a routine audiogram that revealed that I was a very good candidate for a cochlear implant. The audiologist started the process with the Institut-Raymond Dewar (IRD). In July 2019, barely a month after my dramatic hearing loss, the IRD offered to meet with me to get the ball rolling.

Discovering a new ally

After eight weeks of rehabilitation, in the midst of the pandemic, I learned how to make optimal use of my implant in every possible way. I got advice about how to “hear” properly in various situations. Highly motivated, I made excellent and constant progress.

Julie Delisle played a key role throughout this process, providing me with clear answers to my questions and with unwavering support. She knew just how to reassure me, gave me all the information I needed and was always available to assuage my fears. I also have to thank Mireille Tardif, who supported me during my rehabilitation, Nien, who was responsible for making adjustments to my implant, and Caroline, the audiologist who took the time to explain the ins and outs of this device to my family and me.

Wonderful support and services

Thanks to the specialists at the IRD, my ordeal turned into an affirming experience. Surrounded by my loved ones and these trusted professionals, I dove into the process with a lot of confidence. At every step, I felt surrounded and supported. And I want to say a huge THANK YOU to everyone who helped me and played a role in making this process a positive experience. I will never forget them.

I hope that anyone who finds themselves in a situation like mine can regain a better quality of life thanks to the same incredible support and painstaking services. Thank you to the REA Foundation’s generous donors for making all of this possible for thousands of people!

Sylvie Quesnel
Deaf since 2019