Pierre Drouin

Regaining quality of life after an amputation

When Pierre Drouin decided to amputate his left foot at the age of 64, he took the first step towards complete recovery and a better life.

I was born with a neurological problem, called neuropathy, in my left foot that caused repeated and uncontrollable infections. In November 2020, I met with a physiatrist at the Institut de réadaptation Gingras-Lindsay. She clearly explained the amputation process and the challenges that would come after. Two amputees also helped me a lot in making my decision to go ahead with amputation.

After my foot was amputated, I spent almost seven weeks at the Institute, including Christmas and New Year’s, in the company of a very giving staff. While I was there, adapting to a prosthesis was a full-time job.

Going home was incredibly challenging. Even the simplest task had become a trial. I had to really toughen up, stay in shape and maintain a healthy weight to avoid putting too much of a strain on my prosthesis.

My amputation was the first step in my recovery. And now, I can finally replace my right knee—which has been causing me pain for 10 years. I’ll be a new man!

“Remarkable psychological support, a compassionate ear and very helpful exercises.”

Support, compassion, rigour and flexibility

The psychological support I received from Joël was remarkable, to say nothing of her compassionate ear and very helpful exercises. In physiotherapy, I was grateful for Christina’s rigour. She was always in a good mood and spot on in her approach. And I loved our conversations about life in general. I’ll never forget her.

“The Institute is the best place of its kind in Quebec, and maybe even in Canada.”

In occupational therapy, Anna-Maria was always open to my own needs. Since I love cycling, we spent a lot of time pedaling through the corridor between the Lindsay and Gingras pavilions!

The impressive skill and professionalism of the Institute’s specialists make it the best place of its kind in Quebec, and maybe even in Canada.

Keeping the Institute on the cutting edge of new rehabilitation technologies and techniques—so that it can continue to improve and transform lives—takes money.

“My amputation was the first step in my recovery.”

Pierre Drouin

Pierre Drouin
Amputee in Novembre 2020

Discover Pierre’s rehabilitation journey in this short video (in French):