Supporting our financially vulnerable users

The goal of the REA Foundations Assistance Fund for Users is to respond to the immediate needs of users with limited financial resources.

It provides direct financial assistance that helps to foster users’ autonomy and social integration in relation to their disability.

This program allocates around $25,000 annually, and is financed through the revenues generated by our gift shop and donations.



With this budget, we provide direct assistance to 200 users each year, enabling them to acquire various items such as orthoses, hearing aids, ankle braces, adapted transport services, memberships in adapted fitness centres, supplies such as adapted pens and writing tablets, Quebec Sign Language dictionaries, nutritional supplements, personal hygiene aids, and adapted equipment to make living environments more accessible.

The Assistance Fund for Users has had a significant impact in several situations:

A mother received $100

to purchase a combined baby car seat and stroller enabling her to use adapted transport safely and autonomously.

An exceptional request for $750

was approved for the purchase of a hearing aid for a child with hearing loss whose family did not have insurance.

A student was able to test various orthoses for her left ankle at the Institute

with the goal of facilitating her walking and reducing her risk of falling. The combination of an orthosis and an ankle brace was found to be the most effective. Since the RAMQ did not cover the ankle brace, the REA Foundation provided $100 in assistance so that she could continue to be active while staying safe.

A user received $100

for the purchase of a hoist for the pool, enabling her to resume her passion, which had a positive impact on her physical and mental health.

A $70 contribution

was made for adapted transport for a hospitalized user so that she could spend the weekend at home. The time at home, and with her spouse, was good for her mental well-being and further motivated her to pursue her rehabilitation.

A child received $100

to purchase slant boards to help him improve his commitment and handwriting at school and at home.

Thanks to your donations, Raouf was able to bike again!

Since April 2021, more than $20,000 per year has enabled the Foundation’s Assistance Fund for Users to contribute directly to the autonomy and social integration of users in physical rehabilitation.

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