Supporting education for people with disabilities

The REA Foundation and its partners have developed a scholarship program specially for students with disabilities.

As part of our active commitment to the social integration of people with disabilities, the REA Foundation and its partners have developed a scholarship program specifically for students with disabilities. This program is possible thanks to the generosity of our donors, who wish to contribute to accessible education for people with disabilities.


Students receive a $3,000 scholarship. The number of scholarships awarded depends on the donations received each school year.

The goal of these scholarships is to provide financial support to students with a sensory, language or motor impairment. It can be used to cover various study-related expenses, such as books and textbooks, clothing required by a program, accessories required by the institution, housing, groceries or recurring expenses, such as electricity and the Internet.

You’re a student with a disability and you’d like to learn more about the program?


of people with disabilities hold a college diploma (compared with 18.2% of those without a disability)


of people with disabilities hold a university diploma (compared with 25% of those without a disability)

54.7 %

of people between the ages of 15 and 64 with disabilities are employed (compared with 75.3 % of those without a disability)
(Source: OPHQ)

“It’s very impressive to see young and not so young people so determined to pursue their studies despite a sometimes severe disability.”

— Marie-Frédérique Tremblay, Director of Fondation Groupe Forget

“Full-time studies are a big challenge, especially for those who have to make an extra effort to understand what’s being said.”

— Geneviève Gagné, scholarship-holder in occupational therapy, living with severe sensory deafness

“This year’s winners demonstrate exceptional human qualities and huge potential. There’s no doubt they’ll be champions in their respective professions.”

— Valérie Duchesne-Carle, Executive Director of the REA Foundation

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