Event dates

From 23rd April to 14th June 2021 – virtual eventTake the challenge that suits you, when and where you want!

Goal 25000$
Amount raised 3070$

Run or walk with the REA team at the 2021 Scotia Run

The REA Foundation, which you agree to support as part of this charitable challenge, will receive 100% of your donation as well as those you have raised. These funds will enable us to fund the many research, technology and quality of care projects offered in physical rehabilitation in the CIUSSS du Centre-Sud-de-l’Île-de-Montréal.

How far will you go ?

We encourage you to choose the distance that represents a challenge for you :

> 5 km,
> 10 km,
> 21 km,
> 1 km for kids,
Le tour du Chapeau (5km + 10km + 21km),
> “Espace 67” Challenge.

Then, ask your friends, family and colleagues to support you in your run by making a donation to the REA Foundation. You will have a donation thermometer to track the progress of your fundraising.
Our common goal is to raise $ 25,000 for the future of physical rehabilitation. With your support, we can do it. Let’s run together!

NEW : Get tips and updated results by joining the REA Foundation’s Facebook group “Défi Scotia RÉA 2021”.

To be noted

The money paid for registration does not go to the Foundation but to the Challenge organizers to cover the costs related to the event.

Important to support the REA Foundation

When registering, you have to select the following option:

And select the REA Foundation from the list of charities:

Runners and Walkers of the REA Foundation Team

Paolo Di Pietro - Goal 100$
Amount raised 0$
To support Paolo, click here!
Clara Durocher-Cloutier - Goal 500$
Amount raised 0$
To support Clara, clikc here!
Badih EL-Hachem - Goal 1000$
Amount raised 200$
To support Badih, click here!
Virginie Gagné - Goal 100$
Amount raised 0$
To support Badih, click here!
Stéphane Grégoire - Goal 500$
Amount raised 50$
To support Stéphane, click here!
Émilie Legendre - Goal 250$
Amount raised 50$
To support Émilie L., click here!
Vincent Letellier - Goal 300$
Amount raised 300$
To support Vincent, click here!
Tara-Maria Massaad - Goal 1500$
Amount raised 1350$
To support Tara, click here!
Imene Saidi - Goal 400$
Amount raised 50$
To support Imene, click here!
Iona Maria Tinawi - Goal 500$
Amount raised 340$
To support Iona Maria, click here!
Émilie Turcotte - Goal 100$
Amount raised 20$
To support Émilie T., click here!