Dre Daphné Génier Marchand

Neuropsychologist in the traumatic brain injury program at the IRGLM


Exploring the head to heal the body – Neuropsychologist Daphné Génier Marchand has worked since 2018 in the traumatic brain injury program at the Institut de réadaptation Gingras-Lindsay-de-Montréal (IRGLM).

For Daphné, this is a very gratifying profession on a human level and stimulating on an intellectual level. The alignment of human sciences and health sciences motivated her to choose this career. The combination of the physical and language aspects as well as the social work attracted her, as did the scope of observations involved in this sphere of psychology.

Daphné is essential in the rehabilitation of our users. Employing various neuropsychological tests, observations and taking into account individual factors that could affect performance, she establishes the patient’s cognitive and behavioural profile. This enables the care team to better understand their needs. Certain tests also allow for a better understanding of functioning prior to the accident, which leads to a better understanding of behaviour. 

“With their motivation and our psychological approach, users can go home and lead a functional life.”

Dre Daphné Génier Marchand

Finding solutions as a team

The specialist also conducts important observation work with an eye to establishing and recommending strategies for the best rehabilitation possible. “Users often experience an identity change and can feel anxious or depressed. However, with their motivation and our psychological approach, they can prepare to go home and lead the most functional life possible.”

Dr. Daphné Génier Marchand works with the care team, but also with each user and their loved ones to find ways to help them manage certain challenges on a daily basis, such as sleeping problems, pain control and memory problems. When the user feels ready to return home and their family is reassured, the mission has been accomplished. “I feel privileged to accompany people in their life’s journey and to contribute to their well-being.”

Dr. Daphné Génier Marchand