Caroline Do Cao

Audiologist at the Institut Raymond-Dewar

Bringing pleasure back into people’s lives. – Caroline Do Cao has been working at the Institut Raymond-Dewar since 2003, and more specifically in the cochlear implant programming clinic since 2008.

Caroline is one of some 20 audiologists specialized in cochlear implant programming in Quebec. Her career choice was informed by her desire to practise a profession that directly helps people. The technological evolution of implants and hearing aids also influenced her decision. 

For Caroline, working in rehabilitation means supporting and helping people in different spheres of their lives. Specialized in cochlear implant programming, she works with users who have significant hearing loss and have had surgery that enables these implants.

Regaining quality of life

In addition to helping them hear as best as possible with their new tool, Caroline gradually determines their hearing needs. Using programming software, she adjusts various electrical current parameters to enable hearing. The cochlear implant has its limitations. There can be individual needs, such as helping a mother be more comfortable with her hearing when she’s in an arena where her child is playing. Or enabling a health worker to better hear with her stethoscope. She sometimes has to overcome programming challenges, because there can be technical specificities with an implant.

“I feel privileged to accompany people and see them progress with their new implant.”

Caroline Do Cao

Customized adjustments must also be made as the user faces new challenges, such as a new work or school environment. “I really feel like I’m contributing to their quality of life because with the work we accomplish together, they can, among other things, communicate better with those around them.”

Thanks to her expertise and knowledge, hundreds of people are able to enjoy small pleasures every day! “I feel privileged to accompany people and see them progress with their new implant. I feel like I’m helping them regain some of life’s pleasures.”

Caroline Do Cao