Our users

Our users are people whose lives have been turned upside down—and who are benefiting from your generosity.

Whether it’s a sensory, language or motor impairment, our users sometimes have to relearn essential skills like eating, dressing, speaking, walking, driving, and much more, as a result of:

  • A spinal cord injury (paraplegia, tetraplegia);
  • A stroke;
  • A brain injury;
  • An amputation or serious orthopaedic injury;
  • A degenerative disease;
  • An auditory or speech disorder.

These individuals are at the heart of our mission, and thanks to your support, we’re helping them regain their autonomy and overcome their daily challenges.

“Thank you from the bottom of my heart to the practitioners who helped me. As a result of their incredible work, I’m now able to give advice and tell my story.”

— Sandro François

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