Our generous donors

The RÉA Foundation thanks its generous donors for their continued support… Thanks to them, people of all ages and social groups find, within our institutes, in efficient and adapted infrastructures, the complicity, the expertise and the support they need to progress and regain their quality of life.

Donations received in October 2020


Donation above 5000$

Andrea et John David Miller


Donations between 250$ and 999$

Fanny Chagnon
​​​​​​​Nguyen Duong
Sudarshan N. Bajaj



Donation between 250$ and 999$

Matériaux de Plomberie Ray-Jean
Plomberie Denis Paradis
Positech Innovation
Spica Acoustique
SSP Technologies


Donations received between 1 April and 30 September 2020

Donations above 2500$

Fondation Paul A. Fournier

Donations between 1000$ and 2500$

Cynthia Fish
Viet Hung Nguyen
Émilie Papillon

Donations between 250$ and 999$

Robert Babin
Hagop K. Basmadjian
Marie-Josée Cormier
J.V. Raymond Cyr
Julie Desrosiers
Jean Durand
James Keelty
Jack Klam
La Fondation de la Corporation des Concessionnaires d’Automobiles de Montréal
François Le Siège
Micheline Leduc
François Lefebvre
Jacques Rodier
The Kracauer Family Foundation