Réal Béland Takes Part in the REA Foundation Awareness Campaign

12 April 2022

“We Are All Someone’s Lucky Charm”


Montreal, April 12, 2022 – The REA Foundation and its partners are proud to announce the participation of Réal Béland, a well-known Quebec artist in the campaign “We are all someone’s good luck charm.”

“No one is immune to the split second that changes everything. Whether it’s a road accident, a cycling accident, a stroke, or a head injury, these are things that happen suddenly, without warning. We fall, both literally and figuratively, and very often, the fall is dizzying. We must relearn how to dress, how to eat, how to speak, how to walk. Ultimately, we must relearn how to live, but with the help of our good luck charm, the journey is certainly less difficult,” explains Réal Béland to shed light on his commitment to the campaign.

From April 19 to June 28, Quebecers will be able to discover Réal Béland’s absurd, eclectic and physical humour, put to work for an important cause for all.

“Our mission with this awareness campaign is to provide ourselves with all the necessary means to shed light on the issues of physical rehabilitation. Our wish is to contribute to improving the quality of life of people in rehabilitation by allowing them to regain their autonomy. We are very pleased to have the support of Réal Béland,” says Valérie Duchesne-Carle, Executive Director of the REA Foundation.