The Raymond-Dewar Institute left 3600 Berri to move to two sites: 2222 Laurier East (formerly Maison Lucie-Bruneau) and the 3800 Radisson. The services are distributed as follows:

2222 Laurier
Language Impairment Program, LTTA, TEVA, Cochlear Implant Clinic, 0-25 Deafness and Stuttering Program, Sensory-Language SAT and LSQ Course.

3800 Radisson
Deaf Program, Deafblind Program, Deaf Gesture First Line and Low Vision Clinic.


Institut des Sourds de Montréal changes its name to Institut Raymond-Dewar, and management is taken over by lay personnel.


Founding of Institut des sourdes-muettes by Sœurs de la Charité de la Providence de Montréal.

CIRCA 1850

Mgr Ignace Bourget, Archbishop of Montréal, oversees the creation of works for deaf youth in Montréal. These works help fund boarding schools, trade apprenticeship workshops and social assistance services, Institut des Sourds-Muets is under the responsibility of Clercs de Saint-Viateur, which manages Institution des Sourds de Montréal until 1982.

More than 150 years
of existence.

To contact the Institut Raymond-Dewar’s installation, please call 514 284-2214.