Rising to the challenge of physical rehabilitation requires determination, courage and resilience. Together, these strengths make up the very DNA of rehabilitation heroes—patients with a disability who choose to persevere in order to attain a new form of autonomy.

With this in mind, the REA Foundation has created the Rehabilitation Heroes Program to salute the heroism of rehabilitation patients, past and present. This program is an opportunity for their loved ones to submit a testimonial and to make a donation to the REA Foundation in their honour. Patients and former patients recognized under this program will be among the community of Rehabilitation Heroes. They will be informed of their loved one’s gesture and will receive a pin to confirm their status as Rehabilitation Heroes.


Every day, exceptional people contribute to the well-being of the users who depend on the Centre de réadaptation en déficience physique – Institut universitaire. Their presence alone, their smile and their encouraging words can make all the difference along the sometimes difficult road of rehabilitation.

This program gives users and their loved ones an opportunity to submit a testimonial of gratitude and to make a donation to the REA Foundation in their honour.

You can also express your recognition for someone you care about, without using the two programs presented above. The person being honoured will receive a letter specifying the donor’s name, but not the amount donated.