Make a donation to the REA Foundation

Why did I give 1000$ to the REA Foundation?

Because I felt accompanied, supported and accepted during the most difficult moment of my life. I wish more than anything else that this organization would help other humans when adversity presents itself. By contributing to the Foundation, you can give meaning to the life of someone who can no longer see clearly. When your life is turned upside down, from one day to the next, you have no choice but to reinvent yourself and recreate your life, so that it has meaning again. You need new guideposts. In my case, this was made possible by being surrounded by people I trusted, people who accepted me for who I was

Other ways to give

Due to the pandemic, like most organizations, the REA Foundation was forced to cancel all of its fundraising events for the spring, in addition to closing its boutique at the Institut de réadaptation Gingras-Lindsay-de-Montréal for an undetermined period. However, our needs have not changed. Now, more than ever, your help is vital to continuing our mission.

Here are a few ways in which you can help immediately:

  • Give what you can today.
  • Order your REA Foundation mask.
  • Become a volunteer – work from home: updating databanks, managing the boutique and performing other clerical tasks.
  • Have your business sponsor our upcoming virtual and mailing campaigns.


Perhaps you would like to make a donation but don’t have the funds at the moment? There are several ways to give without having to spend a cent right now. For example:

  • Plan a testamentary donation.
  • Add the Foundation to the beneficiaries of your life insurance policy.
  • Make a gift of securities.

These gestures will immortalize your values and your accomplishments.

No matter what gesture you choose, it can make all the difference to people with a physical disability.