REA Toy Kits

Funding provided: $500

Each year, the team of the Institut Raymond Dewar, which cares for more than 2,200 children with hearing impairments or language disorders, requests our Beneficiary Assistance Fund to finance toy kits adapted to the needs of these children.

These kits, essential for language stimulation and the overall development of the children, are intended for underprivileged families. This tool allows families to continue working on therapy goals while providing enjoyable moments for the children. Several families who have benefited from the kits have expressed deep gratitude to the therapists and the Foundation.

When I gave the material to R.’s mother, she was moved. She repeatedly said ‘thank you very much.’ I suggested she leave a small message for the Foundation, but she couldn’t find the words. She shed a tear and kept repeating ‘Thank you very much!’

As the child left, he said, “I love you.” Coming from a child with a language disorder, “I love you” might have meant: “I’m happy to have new material, thank you for bringing something wonderful for me, I’ll have fun with it,” or perhaps “Thank you for letting me play with a game, draw with crayons, and practice moving my fingers with the material.”.

Testimony of a caregiver during the distribution of one of the kits provided with the support of the Foundation.