The REA Foundation is funding the fellowship of Dr. Stéphanie Jean

Funding provided: $41,000

The REA Foundation has awarded a $41,000 scholarship to Dr. Stéphanie Jean to contribute to her fellowship.

This initiative will improve care for amputees and major burn victims.

The REA Foundation allocated a $41,000 scholarship to the fellowship of Dr. Stéphanie Jean. This training will enable the Institut universitaire sur la réadaptation en déficience physique de Montréal to offer the most advanced rehabilitation care to Quebecers who have sustained an amputation or major burns. Thanks to this scholarship, Dr. Jean will become the first physician in Quebec to offer this highly specialized care.

Her one-year fellowship will take place at the advance-care Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre and its St. John’s Rehab Program, which offer leading-edge expertise and serve as a reference for amputations and major burns.

Dr. Jean will also pursue her learning at University of Toronto’s Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Department.

Even more advanced expertise

The objective of this collaboration and training within interdisciplinary teams of occupational therapists, physiotherapists, surgeons, prosthetists and several others specialists is to draw on the best expertise in Canada to address various key problems:

  • Pain
  • Scars, contractures and wounds
  • Adjustment of prostheses and orthoses (to promote walking and autonomy)
  • Adjustment and mental health disorders
  • Etc.

These skills will be applicable in different care contexts, including immediate short- and long-term post-traumatic rehabilitation, as well as long-term outpatient follow-up.

Dr. Jean will participate in the rehabilitation of patients who have sustained major amputations, from the time they’re admitted to the rehabilitation centre, and provide them with follow-up after their return home, with the goal of promoting their integration back into the family and community. Moreover, she’ll be active in the rehabilitation of patients who have sustained major burns, from the time they arrive on the hospital’s major burns unit until their discharge. She’ll also provide follow-up at outpatient clinic appointments.

For the benefit of Quebec patients

“The care model for patients in Quebec is similar to Ontario’s,” says Dr. Jean. “So, the knowledge I acquire will be completely transferrable and applicable to Quebecers in need and will enable them to access the best expertise currently available.”

A native of Quebec City, Dr. Stéphanie Jean, specialized in physical medicine and rehabilitation (physiatry), studied medicine at Université de Montréal, completing her degree in 2016. Driven by her passion for musculoskeletal problems and the complexity of neurological and musculoskeletal rehabilitation, she studied this specialty at Université de Montréal, where she completed her degree in 2021. Dr. Jean also earned a Master’s of Biomedical Sciences from Université de Montréal. Her thesis was on assessment and the capacity to quickly restore functional walking potential in the first days following a traumatic spinal cord injury.