Acquisition of an adapted tricycle

Funding provided: $1,000

The REA Foundation purchased a $1,000 adapted tricycle for people with physical limitations.

This adapted tricycle enables people in rehabilitation to resume practising a sport, safely and autonomously. Among other things, kinesiology is about making sports accessible to all types of patients with physical limitations following a medical diagnosis, such as a stroke, multiple sclerosis or pain. Many of these people are cycling enthusiasts and would like to resume this activity in a safe fashion, adapted to their new condition. With funding from the REA Foundation, it was possible to acquire a device adapted to people with serious problems related to balance, coordination, paresis, muscle weakness, endurance, etc. It’s now possible for the kinesiologists to respond to this need and support users in resuming this activity.

The tricycle helps the user feel at ease and balanced, which is impossible on a bicycle. With six speeds, users can work at different intensities and progress to the next stage.

Resuming physical activity after a diagnosis also promotes integration back into the community, improves physical condition parameters and reduces risk factors related to a sedentary lifestyle.